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Stagnating economic growth, Inflation worries in the Spotlight

Last Friday’s abysmal US Nonfarm Payroll data release was met with relatively reserved relief stemming from slight concessions in US Dollar strength. Shocking employment data released for the month of September fell far short of the forecasted 500K new jobs - with only 194K new jobs created.

Moving on to the new week ahead, Q’s attention shifts towards possible indications of further stagnating economic growth. Meanwhile, an overheat in inflation metrics from the two largest economies globally may douse fuel over the growing murmurs of ‘stagflation’.

Q’s Fundamental Handbook: Stagflation

The term Stagflation describes the economic phenomenon of stagnating economic growth (productivity) coupled with rising prices (inflation).

According to economic theory, increases in productivity is generally accompanied by increases in price. Naturally, as demand increases so too does the price of an asset - this process underwrites normeconomic growth.

Considered an incestuous byproduct of incredibly loose fiscal policy and crippled productivity, Stagflation is the bane of policymakers.

A special note to victorious Democrats averting a potential crisis by narrowly voting to extend the debt ceiling. Following a nail-biting 50-48 vote, US Senators agreed to raise the limit by USD 470 billion until early December of 2021.

Qluster analysts intend to monitor the technical developments as they unfold in the coming week’s session…

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