Altcoins Breakout: Update Part Two, Technical Outlook, Edition #206 (01/04/2022)

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Part Two: Watch the Altcoin Breakout Update

Here’s a link if you need to catch up on Part One’s analysis:

Qluster Research
Altcoins: Breakout Update, Technical Outlook, Edition #205 (31/03/2022)
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This episode of #ChartingWithGriff continues a technical deep dive into a diverse selection of commodities, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies…

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00:00 - Welcome! Opening remarks
01:55 - US30 (DOW)
02:58 - AUD/USD
06:45 - US100 (Nasdaq)
07:16 - USOIL (West Texas Intermediate)
07:35 - RUB/USD
11:28 - $BTC
13:25 - $ETH
14:00 - $LINK
16:30 - $SAND
17:35 - $XRP
18:25 - $DOT
20:05 - $IMX
20:39 - $FTM
21:30 - $RVN
22:00 - $LTO
22:40 - $AERGO
23:50 - $DUSK
24:15 - $UNIF
26:35 - $ZIL
27:05 - $LRC

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