SUSHI/USDT, AAVE/USDT, DGB/USDT, BTC/USD, BTC.D, Technical Outlook, Edition #134 (26/10/2021)

The summoning circle completes as Altcoins stand erect while Bitcoin's strength wanes 😩 Slurp up Q’s technical forecasts served with a generous basket of cryptos 👇

Q’s loaded this report with a hearty serving of Altcoins

Bitcoin continues consolidating above the D1 20 EMA (GREEN), located around USD 59K. 

As mentioned in yesterday’s report, while BTC/USD trades above the D1 20 EMA, the market is technically in an uptrend and vice versa should a close below occur - which can easily ignite a fiery reversal. 

Qluster Research
BTC/USD, Technical Outlook, Edition #133 (25/10/2021)
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Bitcoin, BTC/USD - Daily (D1)

Q plots the major support zones, which feature as a priority on Qluster HQ scanners.

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